Protect Our Water For Families, Farms and Fish

Our Water, Our Future

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With 76% of ballots counted, the Water Protection Measure is passing with a whopping 68% of the vote!

The voters have spoken, and our water supply in Hood River County is now protected from industrial-scale water bottling. We hope communities across the county are inspired to use this model to protect their own water from industrial bottling.

We expect Nestlé will attempt to thwart the will of the voters with a lawsuit. Please donate today to defend our democratic victory.


To comply with Oregon campaign reporting laws, we are required to ask for your employer and employer's location. You can also enter "retired" or "self-employed".

If you'd prefer to mail your donation, please send a check to:

Local Water Alliance PAC

1767 12th St. # 285
Hood River, OR 97031

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 If you live in Oregon, you may be eligible for a Political Tax Credit, $50 for an individual or $100 for a couple filing jointly. Please check with your tax advisor to determine your eligibility.